Müüa lasertoruga metallist laserlõikusmasin

Müüa lasertoruga metallist laserlõikusmasin

1.The lasermasin both can engraving & cutting,and more functions,widely uesed.

2.Adopt integrated,stable and reliable design framework.

3.All models adoptimported components,ensure the high accuracy,faster speed and longer using life.

4.According to process different materials,can optional knife strip stable,honeycomb table and flat table.

5.the materials can through the laser machine front and rear,materials lenths is unlimited.

6.LCD controlling panel support various languages and clear display,more convenient operation.

7.Combined with the sophisticated technique computer control,precision machinery,DSP digital control technology,USB data transmission and other high-tech.

MudelACCURL-1325 / 1530 / 2030
Engraving and Cutting Area1300*2500/1500*3000/2000*3000mm
Tube typeCO2 sealed glass laser tube
Laser wave10,6um
control laser power0-100% software settings
Cooling typeVesijahutus
Graveerimise kiirus0-75,000mm/min
Minimum Character SizeEnglish:1mm*1mm ; Arabic numbers:1mm*1mm
Resolution4,000 DPI
File output mode2.0 USB interface
Masina võimsus<2,000W
separations cuttingyes
TugivormingPLT,DST,DXF,DWG.CDR, AI etc
TugitarkvaraCoreldraw, Photoshop, Auto CAD etc
Working Environment Temperature0-45C,5%-95% free of condensed water
KontrollsüsteemDSP offline control system
Packageplywood case

CO2 laser engraver and cutter is widely used in many kinds of industries, like Advertising industry, Carved gifts and crafts industry, Packing and printing industry, Leather clothing industry, Architectural model industry, Production totem industry, etc.
The laser industry is booming, and is also widely used in the electrical industry.
Laser cutting machine mainly used for the installation of electrical equipment components for processing of sheet steel parts. Laser cutting, greatly improve product quality, reduce production costs, reduce labor intensity,
improve the traditional plate processing technology, and receive better benefits.

Laserlõikusmasin has the following advantages:

1. The laser cutting machine is to use a laser whic has a high power and density characteristics to do the
processing energy. The singlemode laser beam was greatly increased through focused power density.
Because the focused spot diameter is small that the cutting accuracy is higher than relative other traditional cutting machine.

2. Traditional blanking, cutting angle, openings and trimming process is relatively backward,
directly affect the product quality and production costs.

3. Traditional punch processing requires a lot of molds, electrical parts hole size and shapes,
one-piece and a particularly large number of non-standard products.
The mold of the high cost, long production cycle, is not conducive to a single piece, and the production of non-standard parts.

4 using portable curve sawing opening, not only cutting of poor quality,
the dimensional accuracy is difficult to control, and high labor intensity, noise,
and low production efficiency, and low efficiency of the production of road consuming multi Saw.

In addition to the electrical industry, laserlõikusmasin are also widely used in other industries, such as:
advertising production industry, sheet metal processing industry, machining industry, stainless steel decoration
industry, handicraft industry, automobile manufacturing and so on.


Model NO.: ACCURL-1325
Controlling Mode: CNC
Milling Cutter Diameter: 4mm
Certification: CCC, ISO9001, CE
Kohandatud: kohandatud
Laser Tube Power: 200-350W
Driver and Motor: Leadshine, Panasonic
Transpordipakett: vineerist ümbris
Päritolu: Hiina
Carving Material: Stainless Steel
Main Axle Rotational Speed: ≤24000rpm
Feeding Height: 300mm
Warranty: 24 Months
Seisund: uus
Retail Countries: European, Arab, Us, and Other South North America
Kaubamärk: ACCURL
Specification: ACCURL-1325
HS Code: 8479899990


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