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It can do flame cutting and plasma cutting. Fast cutting speed. Efficient cutting machine and easy to operate.
1. CNC series digital cutting machine is a kind of newly researched and developed efficient automatic cutting equipment for steel plate to support processing of metallic parts based on absorbing domestic and overseas advanced software and hardware technology.
2. It can perform vertical and horizontal cutting and cutting on any position of arc curve, which is featured with high cutting surface precision and small deformation.
3. The equipment is featured with appropriate structure, easy operation, and advanced technology etc.
4. CNC flame cutting is a traditional thermal cutting method, which is applicable to cut the carbon steel plate with good quality and the cutting thickness is 6-150mm.
5.CNC plasma cutting machine is applicable to cut stainless steel and nonferrous steel with quick speed, good cutting surface roughness, high precision and small deformation.
6. It is a best choice to get the higher quality of cutting metal material.
7. CNC cutting machine is widely applicable to the automobile, shipbuilding petrochemical industry, boilers, pressure vessels, construction machinery, light industrial machinery and other industries.

How about your machine quality?We are worry about the quality.
SIECC is a mature brand in CHINA,through our many years research in technology,our design including structure and detailed sercurity and precision has enhanced greatly,and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.Our machines distribute worldwide to about 50 countries where there are metal plate industry ,there are SIECC machines.And where there are our machines,there are good reputation and terminal user satisfaction.

Whether the machine price can be more discount
SIECC always provide high quality machine,as we know ,oversea market is more important and difficult than domestic market because of communication time costing after sales,So always,our machine has enough qaulity standard to make sure the machine can work more than the real warranty period.In this way ,we will save a lot and think in advance for the clients.
Actually SIECC also think about our price level,we are sure to provide quality=price and pice=quality ,the matched price and acceptable for the clients and durable for our machines.We welcome your negotiate with us and get a good satisfaction.


Paigutus: Horisontaalne
Automaatne hinne: automaatne
Lõikamisrežiim: Plasmalõikamine
Kaubamärk: ACCURL
Kohandatud: kohandatud
Lõikematerjal: vask, süsinikteras, raud, alumiinium, metallisulam, roostevaba teras
Toiteallikas: elektriline
Waranty: 12 Months
Transport Package: Assembled
Päritolu: Anhui, Hiina


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