roostevabast terasest cnc-toruga plasma lõikamismasin, mida kasutatakse terasest sõrestiku tööstuses

kasutatud plasma lõikamismasin

Features of torude lõikamise masin:

1,Adopt welding platform, heavy rail and improve the overall bearing weight, humane design human-computer exchange more convenient and reasonable, stable operation and increased life expectancy.

2,Independent research and development to optimize CNC pipe systems, AutoCAD version of the engineering design can generate standard G code directly, three-dimensional simulation of the operation, node expansion, long split pipe, fittings optimization, oversized EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility and upgrade free for lifetime , can be modified according to user needs.

3. Taiwan Advantech industrial computer can be programmed directly on the machine. Using menu type programming to select input cutting parameter , such as diameter, wall thickness, bevel angle deviation compensation data. By KASRY professional pipe cutting applications for a seamless connection.

Konfiguratsioon torude lõikamise masin :

Cutting range6/9/12m length can be customized
Masina suurus12800mm*2000*2100mm
LõikamismeetodFlame / plasma
Lõike paksusFlame :6-60mm
Plasma :standard 2-14mm
Flame cutting speed20-700mm/min
KontrollsüsteemKasry Control System with Advantech industrial computer
Plasma max.hole thickness14mm
Plasma max.edge cutting thickness18mm
Plasmalõikuse kiirus500-3500mm/min
Plasma torch Anti-collision protection systemJah
Driving methodservo
softwareKASRY PIPE apply software
Surugaasi töörõhkAbove 7mpa
Required gas flow of plasma4500L / H
TöökeskkondVentilation, no concussion
Jõudu5KW((not include plasma source power)
GaasiliigidAcetylene Propane

Advantage of the ACCURL software :

1-Good compability ,support AUTOCAD , TEKLA , 3D,3S,STCAD

2-First supplier in china market for square tube cutting beveling machine , sale quantity top rank of china

3-One time input the drawing model , generate the material budget chart ,clearly know each pipe diameter , cut process , weight , length ,can earlier prepare the material ,prevent waste

4-Optimization nesting
a;support twist angle nesting
b:support remainlung materials secondary nesting remian material can achieve secondary nesting ,it can save the raw materials from 1%-2% .

5-After nesting can be one time generate the G code

6-With Rich graphics datebase , these are offer to customer for free

7-Support continous cutting

8-After you purchase the machine , software can be enjoyed upgarde lifetime for free (diamond service).

Details introduction of 5 axis :

Liikuv telgChoose cutting axisRange of activities
Y axis :Pipe driven rotation shaft360 ° free rotation
X-telgThe trolley moves along the length of the tubeThe maximum stroke 6000mm
A axisThe torch swings along the radial direction of the pipe60 degree
B axisThe torch swings along the length direction of the tube55 degree
Z-telgTorch move up and down320mm

Application :

Material : carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials
Material type : Round Pipe
Industry : widely used in pressure vessel pipes, pipe processing, network structure, steel structure , marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.

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