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Product Name: Roller-bench type CNC pipe flame/plasma bevel cutting machine

Performance features

Tehnilised parameetrid
Pipe diameter applicable: DN100-600(φ114~610 mm); DN150~800(φ159~813 mm) DN150~1200 (φ159~1219 mm)
Applicable wall thickness: ≤15mm (plasma cutting) ; ≤60mm (flame cutting)
Materials applicable: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel
Cutting length: 6350MM
Bevel Shape: V type
Cutting direction: lengthwise

Roller bench:
Structure: three line roller with fixed distance
Roller bench Length:7000MM
Driving System: servo motor + precision reducer
Rev: 0~2.5M/Min (VF stepless speed adjustment)
Roller bench Material: 45#,Surface bluing treatment
Rotation Accuracy:<2.0MM

Trolley System:
Trolley stroke: 6350MM (moving lengthwise)
Cutting torch travel: 700MM (up/down); 300MM (left/right)
Cutting with: Plasma cutting(can be equip for flame cutting)
Cutting Torch Angle:±45°(adjustable)
Cutting Torch Quantity: one piece of plasma cutting torch
Angle error: <2°
Length fixing accuracy:<2.0MM
Control System: SH~2000H CNC Cutting System
Length-measuring system: CNC length measuring which is included in the control system.
Conveying system: built in a conveying system equipped with a lifter; one set of conveying system can be provided additionally for bevel cutting machine if necessary and conveying can be implemented Automatically.
Plasma Cutting power source: Hypertherm from USA (or as per customers' demands)

Technical Description Standard Type
Pipe diameter applicable:DN100-600mm ;  DN150 ~ 800mm; DN200~ 1200mm
Pipe wall thickness applicable: ≤ 15mm (plasma cutting) ;  ≤ 60mm (flame cutting)
Materials applicable:carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel
Cutting Torch Angle± 4 5 ° ( adjustable )
Angle error <2 °
Length measuring accuracy <2.0mm
Control SystemSH ~ 2000H CNC Cutting System
Cutting withPlasma cutting or flame cutting
Products Name CNC Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Pipe Bevel Cutting Machine

Model NO.: BPPBM-24A / BPPBM-32A / BPPBM-48A
Kaubamärk: ACCURL
Specification: CE, SGS, TUV, ISO9001
Origin: Made in Anhui, China
HS Code: 8456901000