plasma lõikamismasin matala lehe lõikamiseks | hüperterm powermax125

The Accurl® Plasma cutting machine is the fruit of a project resulting in our bringing together ‘made in china’ creativity, design and innovation with all the reliability of the best chinese and European component range.

This is the machine which, of its type, represents a pure concentration of technology and innovation. The GENESI plasma cutting plant is at the top with regard to quality of cut, simplicity of use, performance and economy.
Its command consul:
– very simple and intuitive, automatic, with the option of manual control
– is equipped with a CN which integrates perfectly with the most sophisticated offline system of management, nesting and automatic programming.

•Welded bridge structure
•Smoke aspiration with mobile hood and powder decantation
•Movement on RDS roller guides
•Transfers with brushless motors on rack and pinions (x) and RDS screws (y,z)
•Precision of positioning +/- 0.1 mm
•Automatic control of the cutting head height, head anti-collision device
•High definition plasma cutting generator

Maximum speed (interpolated): 60 m/min
Maximum axes speed: 45 m/min
Minimum accuracy: ±0,5 mm
Repeatability of positioning: ±0,2 mm
Cutting thicknesses: up to 60 mm (depending on the plasma)

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